Nightcrawler Film is an American thriller film which was written and directed by Dan Gilroy. The main leading stars of the film included Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis Bloom who plays the roles as a stringer, Bill Paxton, Rene Russo, and Riz Ahmed. Essentially, the film had been designed with the theme of symbiotic relationship between unethical journalism and consumer demand.

Originally, the director Dan Gilroy wanted to make the film based on the life of American photographer Weegee but his focus was switched to narrate the film about stringer after discovering the unique possibilities surrounding the stringer profession who records the violent events late night in Los Angeles and sells the footage to local TV news station. By considering the unemployment and capitalism, he wrote the Louis character as an antihero. The actor Gyllenhaal played a pivotal role in the film’s production including from selecting the members of crew to watching audition tapes as well. The time has taken to complete the filming was four weeks which had been a challenging process to shoot over 80 locations.

In the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, the Nightcrawler film was premiered and collected $50.3 million on a production budget of $8.5 million. This film had been met with the widespread praise from critics that highlighting Gilroy’s direction and Gyllenhaal performance. According to most of the critics views, the Nightcrawler Film was one of the best movies in 2014 and received various accolades involving a Best Original Screenplay nomination at the 87th Academy awards.

Nightcrawler Film Leading Role’s Characteristics

Ambiguous Disorder: According to the Lou character, he seems to be a sociopath but he has no empathy on anyone absolutely. Simply, he just cares about his own success. It’s clear that all of his personal interactions with people are just trying him to manipulate them into furthering his goals. Lou doesn’t understand the people but he counters on people who understands. In addition to these, he is constantly smiling and talks in formal sentences and seems to be unable to read when someone’s annoyed him.

Ambition is Evil: Owing to Lou doesn’t have ethics and morals, it lets to use any underhanded tactic to stay in the game. This seems to be almost a job requirement. The other nightcrawlers also competitive with each other and doesn’t show any care towards the victims of the tragedies that they film.

Beeping Computers: Lou’s Laptop is making beeping sounds while the data is turning on and off.

Big Bad: Lou, Villain Protagonist, he spends whole film by manipulating everything so that his business succeeded.

Character Tics: Before he does something larcenous, Lou always tie his hair back our of his eyes.

Composite Character: Lou plays a composite character in the film.

Looking for a Purpose in Life: As his encounter with the car crash, he sits momentarily in the news anchor’s chair at the end of the quick tour in the newsroom.

Drives like crazy: As a Nightcrawler, Lou gets where he needs to go as fast as possible. But, his partner Rick becomes somewhat a nervous wreck and Lou always calm.

Top 7 Best Film in 2014: Nightcrawler

Jake Gyllenhaal is fulfilling his role as a Lou perfectly and represent his character as a perfect newsman who racing around Las Angeles to film the dead and dying. Dan Gilroy is the first screen writer and director for the film Nightcrawler. Lou has played with terrifying precision by Jake Gyllenhaal. He is the product of desperate times including that a wild animal that appetite. His next crush is a car, a stabbing, and a shooting. There is no morality in the Lou’s world just he thinks about what to gain and what he requires to get it. Finally, Nightcrawler film was the most enjoyable film of 2014.